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    Aксессуары / Наушник Crusher черный

  • RUB 5849

    вкл. НДС plus Стоимость пересылки

     В наличии только несколько штук

  • Обмен и возврат в течение 14 дней
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• Experience the music the way it was meant to be heard
• Control your device with our one button mic/remote
• Transforms audio experience into a tactile sensation
• Create extremely smooth sound with powerful bass
• Designed specifically to fit the shape of your head and ears
• Unparalleled comfort during encore playlists
• Eliminate cable tangle, increase longevity & customize your look
• Stash and run
• Store your assets in style with our satin travel bag
• Headphone rests comfortably over your ear creating a perfect seal
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